Limited edition collection dedicated to the release of the long-awaited The Weeknd album "After Hours". In it you will find 3 accessories only for true fans, only for true Xo. Only 10 pieces are available for each jewel, don't miss out on yours!



Milan, 20 March 2020. Music and fashion have always been connected. The style of a person often reflects the music he listens to. Urban Cromos, Milan's jewelery brand, wanted to pay homage to the great return of The Weekend with a collection entirely dedicated to his style and his latest album. Thus was born "After Hours", from 20 March online on the Urban Cromos website, a line of jewels inspired by the artist's album of the same name which will be released on the same date.

The style of an artist reflects his music and his jewels are the most intimate expression. Having a unique jewel that represents our soul makes us different, unmistakable. This is one of the objectives of Urban Cromos, an emerging company in the world of jewelry whith the mantra of personalization. "Unique in the Chaos". Unique in an approved era, where people are all the same. This is the motto of two guys who believe in their talent and their possibilities.

Rings, bracelets, earrings and much more. This is what is expected from jewelry brands, but Urban Cromos has decided to focus everything on quality and on the creation of unique, personalized and tailor-made pieces. If you have a dream, they will turn it into reality.

Just to feel as unique as pop stars, Urban Cromos has created the brand new "After Hours" line, dedicated to the homonymous album by The Weekend, released on March 20th. Three unisex jewels, designed in 925 silver, yellow gold or rose gold plating and achievable with any type of customization so as to make them unique. Two pendants, the first represents two hands doing the XO symbol (name of the artist's label); the second represents the face of the singer with his iconic mustache. Last but not least, a pair of balloon-shaped earrings engraved with the words "After" and "Hours".

This is Urban Cromos' way of paying homage to the return of a great artist like The Weekend that has not released albums since 2016, if not a simple EP in 2018. A unique line, customizable and perfectly representing the style and music of this phenomenon of the international music scene.

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