Urban Cromos and WN Lab present:


" IT'S FOREVER " a jewel, a sneaker, a passion.


Urban, street or any other term: it is the main element of what today is one of the most popular styles, one of the most deeply rooted cultures in this world. The passion for sneakers is combined with the desire to create unique and quality jewelry. Thus was born a unique collection, made of 925 silver, which includes pendants and earrings depicting some of the most iconic silhouettes. Each jewel will be delivered in an exclusive packaging that resembles a shoebox: “The idea was to create a packaging never seen before, that would remind the mother of all culture, that would remember the street.

On this page you will simply find all the jewels created by us, but above all by you. UNIQUENESS is the founding value of the brand and we want each of you to find out your UNIQUE jewel. Personalize it now!