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Urban Cromos jewels are unique in their kind! The design of each individual piece is designed to ensure that aging makes every jewel more and more beautiful and characteristic. But this does not mean that you do not have to take proper care of them!

Here are some brief guidelines to keep your Urban jewel always on top!
Let's start from the surface: warm water will be enough to give your jewel more shine. But how to go deeper? How to make sure you eliminate every single impurity? Simple ... just a brush! However, you should not use particular products for silverware, trust the simplicity: warm water, a beautiful brushed and your jewel is like new!
Avoid using specific soaps or unnatural creams. Some elements of the latter could modify the burnishing (the blackening) of the precious silver, canceling the soul and the meaning.
Think of a Nyx - Eclipse, designed to be almost completely "black" ... what would be the point if I found it completely polished from one moment to another?
Also, pay particular attention to your gold jewelry. In fact, if they were to come into contact with sources of mercury, they could be irreparably damaged.
Did you know that some stones are "alive"? Look at the pearls for example ... if they are not in contact with the skin they will be ruined Why? Because they are jewels that live together with us in perfect symbiosis. Precisely these jewels deserve constant and meticulous care to live forever!