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Street-wear, street jewelry, urban culture ...
The "street" is the main element of what is today one of the most popular styles, one of the most rooted cultures in this world.
As such we have decided to dedicate what is actually the first element of contact with those who decide to enter the URBAN FAMILY.


The idea was to create a packaging never seen before, a packaging that reminded the mother of all culture, a packaging that reminded of "street culture", THE STREET.


Each Urban Cromos jewel represents a deity of ancient Greece ... why not do the same with our packaging?
It is the origin, the first Urban element with which you relate, an element from which your jewel is born, your divinity.
We therefore decided to identify it with what the ancient Greeks believed was the origin of everything: the Darkness ... mother of Chaos ... mother of all primordial divinities.


We started looking for something that resembled cement, without its characteristic weight, and we came across a material never seen before ... LA GLEBANITE, a mixture of fiberglass waste that is chopped up into a powder. This is then mixed with virgin resin, and depending on the quantity, different finishes are obtained.